Music Infused with Technology to

….About fading the darkness of life, with the Universal sounds of God's light and music...Sharing our Extreme passion and love for new sounds that has never been heard of before! 

Here at FadedShadows:  You will find those new sounds, plus a unique fusion of sounds in Progressive Trance, House, Dubstep, Classical Crossover and Ambient / Euphoric realms…  We have over 20 years experience in electronic music, sound design, IT systems engineering and Front of House (FOH) engineering.  We take pride in knowing how to combine the field of Information technology with music, hence our motto: "Music Infused with Technology!" 

  • Our mission is to produce new dimensions of sounds created through a symphony of laptops, mixers, MIDI keyboards, effects and computing.
  • We have a  huge arsenal of audio tools that can do almost anything! 
  • Our Services include: Song / Track remixing / Mashup's and Male / Female voiceovers. 

"Music Infused with Technology by pushing the boundaries of sounds, rhythm and technology through space and time!" 

Bryan - Musician, Composer, Video & Sound Designer, Voiceover Artist, Pianist  & IT Systems Engineer.
Sheri - Voiceover Artist & Cellist.

Faded Shadows Music Productions