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Ocean Nature soaking ambient music set next generation hardcore music Logic Pro X Template - Symphonic Orchestral Progressive Rock Kick Some bASS FadedShadows Dubstep Metal Mix Visual Spectrum FX NewAge DownTempo Enignma Trance Dance Music Free Kick A - FadedShadows Original EDM Mix - FREE Epic 24bit Sample Pack - Gm 130BPM Fadedshadows - Heavy Judgement - Experimental Dubstep Metal My Fortress - Dubstep Metal - (Psalm 91) FadedShadows
Deep Space - Melodic Downtempo Dubstep - Amazing Colors Visuals FX Cool Waters - Amazing Liquid Vocals Massive DownTempo Beats in Logic Pro Prelude in C Sharp Minor - FadedShadows Classical Crosover / Dubstep Remix FadedShadows - Happy Scary Clowns - Amazing Haunting Piano Piece
Time To Party! - FadedShadows Super-Fast 180BPM Trance Set Carol of the Bells - FadedShadows Trance Mix Who Are You not to be Great - FadedShadows Crazy Dubstep Mix FadedShadows - Canon in D - Classical Crossover Remix